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Hair Removal

Unwanted, excess or undesirable hair can be a concern for many.

Most women find the presence of hair under their arms, around their bikini lines, or on their legs unsightly so will spend many hours and a lot of money each year shaving or waxing it off. You may be surprised to know that swapping the razor or wax for laser hair removal could in fact save you money in the long run. Men may also be 'bothered' by unwanted hair on their chests, ears or in their nose.

The effects of hormonal changes can also create unwanted hair in unwanted places. The female menopause, for example, can cause the occurrence of hair(s) on the face, around the mouth and chin, like a moustache or beard, which is considered undesirable in a female. Similarly, younger women, especially those who suffer from conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can also experience hair growth on the face which they wish to remove. In some cases, hair removal treatment due to PCOS is available through an NHS referral.

For men, unwanted hair may be present on their hands, chest or back, or coming out of their ears or nose, which can cause feeling of self-consciousness in social situations or in relationships. Other concerns for men include hair in places which cause additional problems such as painful, in-growing hairs on the beard or neck, or other follicular problems around the hairline.

The permanent reduction of hair can be achieved with Soprano laser hair removal. This treatment is ideal for larger areas of hair, such as legs, underarms, bikini lines or backs. Several treatment sessions are required to reduce the unwanted hair. The laser can treat multiple hairs with each pulse of the laser light energy.

For more specific or selective hair removal, such as individual or random hairs on the female face, we recommend the use of electrolysis, which can permanently remove unwanted hairs. Due to the time taken to treat each hair individually, this cannot be used for larger areas of hair removal.

We are also able to help transgender patients as part of a feminisation programme and regularly get NHS referrals for this.

A full list of all the areas we can treat for laser hair removal is available below, along with our prices.

Laser Hair Removal Price List

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