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Red Veins

Thread Veins or Spider Veins

Thread veins, which are sometimes also called spider veins due to their appearance which can be likened to a spider’s web, are very thin, red veins which appear under the surface of the skin. They are common in both men and women and often appear on the legs or face, such as around the nose of across the cheeks.

They are usually a cosmetic concern, rather than a medical concern, and are very different to varicose veins for example. Some thread veins in the leg can ache, but in the main they are painless, and most people just do not like the look of them so seek a treatment to remove them.

Depending on where the thread veins are on the body, we have several options in clinic to reduce their appearance, and in some cases remove them completely. If the red veins are present on the leg, we can use micro-sclerotherapy treatments which uses an injectable product to collapse the tiny veins. We cannot use micro-sclerotherapy on the thread veins which are on the face, but other treatments such as electrolysis or our Vbeam Perfecta pulsed dye laser are also very effective at treating such veins on the face and legs. We like to give your veins a thorough examination before we establish which treatment will be best for you. For thread veins on the legs, this would include the use of a doppler or ultrasound device to check for deeper, underlying vascular concerns before we treat your thread veins.

You may also be prescribed specialist, professional skincare treatments to assist with the improvement of thread veins, especially those on the face.

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