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Covid-19 Update




Covid-19 Update

Since the most recent government announcement on the wider re-opening of businesses, our team at Aesthetic Solutions has spent a lot of time considering what the government guidelines might mean for our original  plan to relaunch.

We are happy to announce however, that we have decided it is safe for us to reopen on the 6th of July!

As a CQC registered, SaveFace accredited, Doctor and Nurse led, medical clinic, we find ourselves excluded from the list of businesses that ‘must remain closed’. We would like to reassure all patients that our reopening is well within medical guidelines, legislative measures, and insurance requirements. 

All our staff have recently undergone training through certified, online courses to make sure they understand the Covid-19 disease and its effects and transmission and that as a team we are able to manage our services and environments effectively so we reduce any risks.

We would like to reassure you that SaveFace, CQC, and government legislation along with other industry bodies have provided us with guidance on how to reopen safely, and nothing within any rules and regulations prevents us from doing so. We have existing and now Covid-19 specific risk assessments and protocols in place to protect patients and staff alike. 

As a medically led clinic we have managed our patient appointments and journeys to reduce risk,  you will see evidence of this when you visit the clinic for an appointment going forwards, but while your experience may be a little different, please know all changes have been adopted to reduce risk to patients and staff.

Patients will receive comprehensive information from us prior to their appointment, which they must read carefully before they arrive, and adhere to stringently when they come for treatment. They will also along with our normal consent to treat forms have to sign an  additional Covid19 consent form, appointments have been extended in time by 10 minutes minimum  so that there is extra time to take in this additional information.

We would encourage any patient who has booked in for treatment but is unsure whether or not to proceed with their appointment, to contact us with any queries or concerns. We are happy to discuss them either by phone 01872 272 520 (after 6th July) or over email on, afterwhich, if you still feel you would like to move your appointment to a later date, we would be more than happy to accommodate you. Aesthetic Solutions always wants the best for our patients, and a big part of that in these uncertain times is your feeling of safety. 

We are medical, we are compliant, we are ready to treat. We hope to see you soon.


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