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NeoStrata - Glycolic Wash




NeoStrata - Glycolic Wash

The Glycolic wash by Neostrata is a resurfacing, pH-balanced face wash which encourages an increase in your skin cell's turnover rate, producing a glow to the skin. The normal turnover rate of skin cells is every 27-60 days, but this can vary due to age and genetics. By speeding up the turnover rate, the Glycolic wash allows your skin to shed the dead skin cells and produce new, rejuvenated ones.

Why is it better than a normal face wash?

Apart from the amazing ability to increase the rate of cell turnover rate, it also minimises the potential for irritation due to the use of Glycolic and Lactobionic Acid.

With immediate results, your skin is clearer, revitalised and your pore size is visibly reduced. The surface of your skin feels much softer.

It's Amy's (our receptionist's) MUST HAVE product...

'It is a wash on wash off product, leaving your face feeling simply clean'

~ Amy


Its price is comparable to a lot of over the counter products like Clinique and boots, however, this product goes further, instead of just treating the overall appearance of the skin, it actually tackles the problems which hide underneath the skin, whilst preventing more damage.

What skin concerns it tackles

Acne :

As the face wash cuts through oil it helps clear pores, reducing the bacteria on the surface on the skin, to give you smoother skin, and a rejuvenated glow, also preventing future bacteria from accumulating.


The effect of Lactobionic acid increases the turnover rate of your skin cells, enhancing gentle exfoliation. This helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Whilst tackling skin concerns it also helps give a glow to the skin, the product includes an 18% Glycolic Acid which helps smooth skin texture, therefore leaving you with a more rejuvenated glow.

Recommended usage: Twice Daily AM/PM, as tolerated

Key Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Lactobionic Acid, Arginine-Amphoteric

pH 4.5

Size: 3.4 fl oz. pump bottle



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