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Acne is often mistaken as a problem only affecting teens and adolescents, but many adults also suffer from acne, and may not have done so in their youth. Affecting both men and women, it is the most common of all skin concerns.

Acne can be mild, moderate or severe in nature, with the most severe forms being cystic or nodular, which can lead to scarring of the skin. Milder versions are more associated with pustular spots.

It is caused by a combination of factors. Within the skin are hair follicles, each of which has a pore that is open at the skin’s surface. Pores fill up naturally or get clogged with dirt and debris, as well as with the natural oils produced by the body to lubricate the shaft of the hair emanating from the hair follicle. Most people will suffer from the normal appearance of blackheads or whiteheads, caused by the clogging of pores, but which can usually be removed with a good facial cleansing regime.

In individuals prone to acne spots, there is an over production of this oil, which is called sebum. Excess sebum makes the skin greasy and more difficult to clean, so pores often remain clogged. But that isn’t all, there is something else which is responsible for the redness and pus-filled spots which we associate with acne, and that is a bacterium. In the case of acne, this is called the propionibacterium acnes or p.acnes bacterium. The p.acnes bacterium is found naturally on our skin, but it loves it when there is excess sebum. The rapid increase in p.acnes causes the inflammation associated with acne and acne pustules or spots. When treating active acne, we are therefore waging war on both the p.acnes and the over production of sebum. We want to kill the bacteria, as well as get rid of the home that it loves so much.

To treat acne, we therefore often use a combination of professional skincare products such as Obagi medical systems, which can be used by you at home to cleanse your skin and reduce the production of the sebum, alongside treatments within our clinic. We can use Hydrafacial or skin peels from AlumierMD which target the clogged pores more deeply using hydradermabrasion or special glycolic acids which flush out the debris from deep within the pores.

When it comes to killing off the nasty p.acnes bacteria, our best defensive is the use of blue LED light which has been clinically proven to target this bacteria and kill it. Using our Déesse LED face mask on the blue light setting, we can give you regular sessions to eliminate the bacteria.

As well as treating the active acne, we are also able to treat and improve the appearance of scarring caused by the acne. Using INTRAcel we can apply radiofrequency micro-needling which stimulates new collagen production in the skin and helps to repair the scar indentations. Our Vbeam Perfecta pulse dye laser is also great at stimulating the repair and rejuvenation of the skin, alongside treatments such as Dermaroller which are suitable for milder acne scarring and imperfections.

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