National Medical Weightloss Programme

Pens start from £150, there are other one off start up costs to the programme.

With the support of us and the right mind set we know that you will be able to lose the additional pounds that you want or may need too! Alongside a healthily balance diet and exercise this prescription programme will deliver the results you are looking for. In injectable format (similar to an Epipen) that you will be able to administer at home,  we will guide, prescribe and monitor your programme and journey.

We will firstly need to understand your commitment and medical history along with completing some blood tests, however we could be starting you on your weightless journey within a week or so of meeting with us.

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Other Treatments:

Fat Freezing

CoolSculpting is the only medical, cryolipolysis treatment that is FDA approved and supported by over 60 published medical white papers, guaranteeing that CoolSculpting is the safest treatment for you.

We are delighted to be the only CoolSculpting certified clinic in Cornwall!