Marine-Derived Exosomes

The latest technology in skin and hair regeneration

E50 Exosomes are small vesicles that are naturally produced by cells and contain various bio molecules such as proteins, lipids and nucleic acids. They play a role in cell to cell communication and have been found to be powerful in stimulating skin regeneration, hair growth and reducing inflammation in the skin.

When Exosomes are used for skin revival and aesthetic treatment, they penetrate the dermis and send signals to your fibroblast cells. This triggers regeneration and stimulates the production of skin-boosting collagen and elastin for a fantastic smoother and tighter result.

E-50 Exosomes use a proprietary process, known as ENTR® Technology, to collect Exosomes.

E50 SKIN: The Exosomes are collected from the fibroblast cells of salmon testes and then cultivated in dermis stem cell media.

E50 HAIR: The Exosomes are collected from the fibroblast cells of salmon testes and then cultivated in embryonic stem cell mesa.

Both the cell host and the cell media which are utilised in the creation of E50 Exosomes are fully salmon derived.

By utilising salmon cells, we can ensure that E50 Exosomes have low levels of free radicals and impurities.

Using ENTR® Technology we are able to limit the doubling time of the harvested Exosomes. This quicker process allows for a final product which is HOMOGENOUS and PURE with up to 10,000 fold more Exosomes per unit than other Exosomes.

Exosomes are applied 3 times during the same treatment firstly we micro-needle the skin so that the skin is slightly damaged to allow the product to go into the skin, we then unlike other clinics have chosen to invest in and use a TARGET_COOL system which allows us to then complete the 3 Exosome applications by way of pushing the product into the skin rather then just allowing it to soak into the skin, for a more effective treatment and outcome.

TARGET-COOL provides a new and essential step for skin optimisation & restoration. This will ensure the delivery of Exosomes packed with growth factors to the dermal-epidermal junction therefore enabling us to enhance the results.

Exosome therapy with TargetCool is the ‘icing’ on the cake for our patients providing a pain free experience that optimises skin health and glow.

Exosomes Face Individual Treatment £395

Exosomes Hair Individual Treatment £395

Exosomes Face package (3 Treatments 1 every 4 weeks) £1050

Exosomes Hair package (5 treatments, first 2, 2 weeks apart then following 3 monthly) £1825

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