Why invest in medical grade products when over the counter skincare is cheaper?

The phrase 'medical grade' is thrown around a lot in the aesthetic industry. But let's go into what's so great about it, and why you would spend extra money on products that claim to do the same thing...

The short answer; you get what you pay for.

Over the counter products are less effective; they’re cheaper because they don’t penetrate below the skin’s surface layers. They prioritise treating symptoms in upper layers of skin rather than tackling the root problem in the dermis, keeping you coming back for more, and spending more money in the long run keeping unsightly skin blemishes at bay.
Medical grade skincare also contain active ingredients, clinically proven to treat skin concerns at their source. The specific concentrations of key ingredients are calculated through rigorous research, in order to create a product that gives efficient results without sacrificing client safety when it comes to more aggressive treatments.

They provide longer lasting results and greater relief in treating a problem at its source speak to the efficacy of medical grade skincare.

The only question is, how long are you going to consider spending that little bit extra to get results that go above and beyond short-term fixes available over the counter?
If your skincare is no longer working in the way you want, or need it too and you’re in need of a personalised treatment plan come to Aesthetic Solutions today, to talk to skincare professionals. Love the skin you’re in.

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