Why would you choose to go to a private GP?

Doctor Knowles typing on the computer.There are various reasons why you would go to a private general practitioner, but the main reason might be that you can’t get an appointment with your normal GP, and you are struggling with your health.

Reason 1 : You can’t get an appointment

If you’ve had any recent interaction with our public health service, you’ll know first hand how overwhelmed and understaffed the NHS is. If you’re tired of not being able to get appointments to suit your schedule, or having to wait weeks to be seen, then Dr Knowles is here to help. 

Reason 2 : You feel rushed for time

You should never feel like you’re being rushed when visiting your doctor, because it might cause stress and for you to miss things out, and then you would have to come back. Dr.Knowles books out enough time so that he can spend the time analysing your problem and your health, so you feel more seen.

Reason 3 : You see a different doctor every time.

The NHS is a busy place, and with that you might have to book in with a different doctor each time due to time restrictions. We believe your health is personal to you, and your relationship with your doctor should be one that is built on trust, so you can feel at ease when visiting Dr.Knowles because you know it’s going to be the same face every time. 

 Why choose Aesthetic Solutions?

With 32 years of medical experience, and 29 years of General Practice, his private GP clinic can provide the flexibility, consideration, and care you’ve been looking for. Enquire today to get peace of mind and a place on his patient list.

Email us today at info@aestheticsolutions.co.uk to find out more or book your first appointment with Dr. Simon Knowles

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